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How Many Interview Rounds Is Too Many

Making a hiring decision is an important one for any company, regardless of industry or level. It can sometimes be challenging for managers and HR leaders to determine the right number of interviews to conduct before making a hiring decision and offer. One of our most popular blogs on the website is “How Many Interview Rounds is Too Many?”. Given the changes in interview processes and procedures, we are revisiting that very topic. 

These Are Considerations for Interview Rounds: 

1. Position Level and Requirements

The level of the position is largely a determining factor of how many rounds of interviews are required. There may be two to four total interviews for high-level executive positions, especially when keeping the first one to two interviews virtual for safety purposes. For entry-level positions or those that require less training or technical skills, one to two interviews should suffice.

2. Interview Format

Given COVID-19, many interviews are being conducted via phone or virtual applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Amazon Chime, etc. While that may set the stage for managers to request more rounds of interviews for many positions, especially those that are remote and more junior level, only one round of interviews is necessary.

3. Logistics

Another concern during the pandemic is those candidates who have children at home doing virtual school or those who are already working full-time. Having multiple rounds of interviews may cause an undue burden for candidates, especially when those interviews are required to be face-to-face. When possible, it is helpful to minimize the quantity to a number that managers will feel confident about conducting.

4. Interview Process

The bottom line is that it is essential to manage expectations for candidates at the beginning of the process, so they know how many interviews, and the format of said interviews, to expect for a position. Transparency upfront will help them plan accordingly as they move through the process.


If your managers or internal HR team hear from candidates that it has been a burden to complete multiple interviews, it is worth looking into ways to scale back in the future. That may include having fewer interviews or having more people present for group or panel interviews when appropriate.

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