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The Benefits of Remote and Contract Work for Companies

While remote work has become a popular topic for debate and discussion, studies over the past three years show that remote work is not going anywhere. From cost-savings to attracting top candidates with increased flexibility, these are some of the reasons to consider remote and contract work.

Benefits of Remote Work for Companies

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When companies allow their employees to work remotely, they are saving a substantial amount of money on overhead costs, additional support staff in the office for those that have an on-site cafeteria or gym, and a reduction in property taxes, amongst other things.

Additionally, when companies offer remote work as an option, they significantly increase their talent pool in two ways. Providing flexibility by offering remote work or a flexible schedule is a big selling point to some employees and temporary staffers. Opening jobs up to people outside of the company’s physical location also tremendously expands the talent network. Now, people can work for the company in a temporary or full-time capacity from anywhere in the country (and sometimes, anywhere globally).


Benefits of Contract Work for Companies

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When it comes to contract work, there are also many benefits companies should consider. Contract work allows companies to have an added level of protection by “trying before they buy” to see if the contractor is a good fit for the role and team for whicthey were hired. When they are given a temporary assignment, it allows both the company and the staffer to get a feel for each other and determine if there is long-term potential for a permanent position.

Another benefit of using contractors is the flexibility to downsize or shift gears due to market uncertainty or shifts in the roles needed. Employers are not locked-in and won’t be forced to pay a severance package or unemployment when they utilize contractors.

An additional benefit of working with contractors is the ability to hire more quickly. TRC has an established pipeline of qualified candidates who can quickly be hired for a contractor role versus the time-consuming and expensive internal team process of interviewing and vetting candidates for a permanent position.


It is essential for companies to recognize the benefits of virtual roles and temporary opportunities and continue to be flexible, especially as the market continues to be uncertain.

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