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Two Trends the “New Normal” Workplace Requires

Lately, the question on people’s minds regarding the workplace is whether or not there is, in fact, a “new normal?” Or are we still in the process of figuring it out? It’s likely a mix of both.

The pandemic chaos over the last two years has turned out to be longer-lasting than any of us could have anticipated when we first hunkered down in our homes in March 2020. To this day, we have not gone back to the “old normal” of getting to and from work, and those that have tried prematurely have faced the consequences.Two_Trends_SocialMedia_1@2x

This year, we witness supply-chain problems persist and worsen while the U.S. healthcare system is often still under terrific strain. Inflation is high. And in 2021, the Great Resignation began to occur, dismantling the American workforce we depended on like clockwork.

The changing workforce asks us to shine a brighter light on the importance of individuals.

In 2022, as we continue to watch the “new normal” form, there are two trends that employers will need to implement:

1. People simply will not return to the office full-time.

The “new normal” of the work environment is hybrid, nimble, and interdependent. Prior to the pandemic, there were already plenty of grumbles about the antiquated view of a 9-5 office environment. In our ever-increasing digital world, the need to be sequestered in an office environment proves less and less desirable.

A PwC survey found that 65 percent of workers actively in the market for a new job as of late summer 2021 cited workplace flexibility as a top reason why. People not only desire flexibility, but they need it. Part of the ongoing workforce shortage is the 10 million mothers who are still not currently working because of issues with the workplace, childcare, and just a general sense of being burned out.


2.The labor shortage is a stark wake-up for leadership and their company’s culture.

Never before have we seen the same drove of people who are voluntarily quitting their jobs. In turn, employees have to learn to improvise and come to terms with the world of remote work, which ultimately means leaders have to shift their viewpoints and perspectives on what their workplace should look like and operate.

Psychologically, resignations are as high as they are, with people questioning our culture’s habit of putting work first above everything. In this modern hiring environment, potential employees are looking closely at company culture, and they don’t feel loyal to any one job should the culture not be a fit.

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