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How to Lead Employees Through Change

While 2020 and the first half of 2021 provided significant changes to the way organizations operated, where and how employees worked, and more, the move many companies are making to shift to the next iteration of standard operations will also include considerable shifts. Company leaders and managers have the ability to guide their teams through the upcoming changes to make them as seamless as possible while helping ensure the comfort level of their employees and promoting efficiency and success for their organization.

Here are Five Ways to Lead Employees Through Change:

1. Open Communication

The more managers can foster open lines of communication, the more employees will be likely to go to them with questions and to have honest conversations.

2. Schedule One-on Ones

Taking the time to have scheduled individual conversations with employees, whether daily, weekly, or monthly helps build the relationship and offers a more intimate opportunity to discuss anything from how they feel about changes taking place, their career goals, performance feedback, and more. When they know they have this ongoing opportunity with their manager, it helps create consistency and camaraderie.

3. Build Trust

As a leader, it is critical to lead by example and follow through. If the team knows they can count on you and trust your decision-making, it helps everything run more smoothly and enhances their confidence in your leadership.

4. Flexibility

Many employees who were given the opportunity to work remotely thrived, while others prefer to be in the office full-time. Taking a poll and offering employees the chance to choose their individual preference for remote work, office work, or a hybrid schedule as operations shift helps them know they are heard and valued while making changes easier for them.

5. Resources

Helping provide resources for employees to turn to, from training courses to mentors, is another excellent way to exhibit that you value them and will help them navigate changes as they arise.

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