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How to Keep Your Current Workforce

A year at home gave employees a lot to think about regarding work-life balance and how and where they wanted to work. In turn, polls report 80% of employees are considering leaving their jobs because they’re concerned about a myriad of issues, mainly career advancement, job flexibility, and benefits. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed also noted that the pandemic has inspired them to rethink their career. Possibly in preparation for job-hopping, over half have also sought out new training and skill enhancements during the pandemic.

So, how do you keep your employees happy? How do you keep them from seeking out greener pastures?TRC_Keep_Workforce_SocialMedia_1@1.5x

Workers who want to quit overwhelmingly have made a statement that they’re looking for a new job with more flexibility. It makes sense to look at it objectively. The world was a different place pre-pandemic. People felt like they needed to be in the office because “how else would they be productive?” The concept of remote work was still largely a pipe dream. It’s not now, and employees took note. CNBC reported that half of the people consider not allowing remote work a deal-breaker, noting that if their current company doesn’t continue to offer remote-work options long-term, they’ll look for a new job that provides that option.

In order to retain employees, companies need to consider how to maintain their company culture and help employees feel connected in a remote environment while also letting them keep some of that flexibility.

A chorus of research indicates that workers want to continue their flexible work-life balance long after the pandemic subsides. Many people want a hybrid working model, where they split their time between an office and a remote location. Therefore, to keep your employees happy, be open as an organization to that conversation.

Secondly, the pandemic has increased workers’ fears that they’re not learning new skills or seeing room to advance unless they leave the company, something that’s long been a rising issue with workers but especially so since COVID-19.TRC_Keep_Workforce_SocialMedia_4@1.5x

While technological advancement in companies has clearly risen, many organizations have focused less on skills training and more on shifting their business operations (out of necessity, we get it), as well as providing workers with emergency resources for concerns like mental health and child care. But as companies consider the future of their benefits offerings, executives must look at ways they can provide upskill, reskill, and promotions, which could also help address a third lingering area of concern for workers: finances.

With workers better able to take a job from anywhere, they’ll seek ones that pay well, have opportunities to learn and advance, and provide benefits that center work-life balance.

More and more, if you’re an employer and choosing not to be accommodating to this new reality, you’ll lose employees. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’

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