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IT Sectors That Have Experienced Growth Through COVID-19

The last year proved difficult for the vast majority of people in the workforce. Massive layoffs and unemployment mixed with the need to adapt to safer, socially distant work conditions made 2020 one of the most challenging years for labor in history. 


Fortunately, as the world continues to get a better hold of the pandemic each day and more people are getting vaccinated, the workforce is seeing improvements and signs of hope for 2021 and beyond. Some industries, such as tech and IT, have seen a boon much quicker than others.

Here are some of the IT sectors that continued to grow despite the COVID-19 pandemic:

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Remote Work Access

With nearly every company having at least some of their workforce working remotely during the pandemic, remote working software and IT companies saw a massive increase during 2020. Companies like Zoom and Calendly were able to make the most out of a challenging situation by providing high-quality software and services for their clients.


Now, as companies contemplate returning to their offices, most are left with a decision. Many companies have already decided to remain fully remote indefinitely, citing their employees' efficiencies and productivity either remaining constant or improving and not wanting to continue paying for large offices. With more companies looking to switch to fully remote, expect remote meeting and conferencing system companies to continue growing. 


As hospitals and doctors' offices became full and riskier to visit, telehealth grew immensely as an alternative to the traditional waiting room. From appointment scheduling to conferencing and meeting with your doctor virtually, more and more people became adjusted to the idea of telehealth.


Telehealth appointments served a crucial role during 2020, and telehealth companies should expect to see continued growth throughout this year and beyond. More patients are happy to skip the driving and waiting to schedule a quick visit with their doctor over the phone or computer. Telehealth is not only here to stay but will continue to take off for the foreseeable future. 


Of course, as the world went more remote than ever, the need for high-caliber cybersecurity increased like never before. Cybercrime is always a threat, and with more confidential information being sent and stored digitally, cybersecurity firms will continue to see higher demand for their services. 


Cybersecurity is still a relatively new field and is growing and evolving every day. Cybersecurity firms rely on IT infrastructure and the latest technology to ensure all data is protected. All companies will need to do their part in updating their IT networks and buckling down on protecting their information. 


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