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How Genuine Empathy From Your Help Desk Agents Benefits Companies

When hiring help desk agents for an organization, there are many important factors to consider, including experience, industry background, technical skills, and professionalism. One factor companies may not be prioritizing as much is that of genuine empathy from their agents. We are diving into why empathy within help desk employees is critical and can help foster goodwill within an organization while saving time and money, whether they are supporting internal employees or external customers.

Deescalating the Situation TRC_Empathy_SocialMedia_1@1.5x

When employees or customers call or email a help desk, they are likely frustrated that they are having technical issues preventing them from effectively doing their job. When help desk agents show compassion, the customer or fellow employee probably feels heard and understands the agent is trying to help solve their problems, which deescalates the situation.

Improving Camaraderie

For internal help desk roles, they are part of a larger organization of colleagues, though they may not see many of them frequently. Showing empathy to their fellow workers helps improve camaraderie by working together to solve a situation and showing the employee with the tech issue that the person they are reaching out to is ready and willing to help them should a challenge arise again down the road.

Converting a Frustrated Customer to a Happy Customer TRC_Empathy_SocialMedia_4@1.5x

For external and customer-facing roles, help desk agents who show compassion for the customer and the situation can take them from someone dissatisfied to a loyal, long-term patron.

Improving Customer Service Ratings

If the help desk employee is providing support to customers or field reps, showing empathy for their situation can help strongly improve customer service ratings, which benefits the employee and the organization as a whole.

Company Reputation

A company’s reputation, both internal and external, firmly lies with employees and management. If the help desk team and their supervisors show support and empathy and have positive ratings, customers and potential future staff are more likely to be inclined to work with them.

Increasing Job Satisfaction TRC_Empathy_SocialMedia_5@1.5x

In a job that requires technical skills and solving problems, when help desk employees show empathy and turn a negative situation into a positive one, it will likely make them more satisfied with their role overall.

Connecting Top Professionals to the Best Industries and Companies

At TRC Staffing Services, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with expert help desk agents and other employees who demonstrate empathy. We work with our contractors and employees to provide adequate training and encourage soft skills in addition to technical prowess. Please contact us today should you need support for your organization or want to discover more about our staffing solutions.