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COVID-19 Engineering Industry Trends

COVID-19 has reframed and revamped many types of businesses and the manner in which business is conducted. COVID-19 impacts have varied considerably by industry, location, and timeframe, leading to companies paying close attention to whether they need to scale up or scale down their employees.

These are some of the COVID-19 engineering industry trends:

Engineering and Construction

Deloitte shared that public construction activities have been relatively maintained during COVID-19. With that, should there become a more significant impact on supply chains, that could shift. For smaller residential businesses, individuals, and retail companies, the effects have been much greater and have forced cost savings and a decrease in projects for those entities.

Civil Engineering

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine notes that transportation is one industry sector that will have to be greatly shifted and reimagined due to COVID-19. Civil engineers will be getting creative with all types of transportation, from aviation to public transit to individual travel and everything in between, leading to a future influx of positions tailored toward this sector. Market Research Company, Reportlinker, shares on Yahoo! Finance that the Heavy & civil engineering sector (is predicted) to be the fastest-growing construction type during the forecast period.”

Chemical Engineering

While the impacts on some types of engineering jobs are forcing layoffs and furloughs due to COVID-19, chemical engineers and their colleagues are being utilized, especially those that have direct or indirect involvement in creating a COVID-19 vaccine. Chemical & Engineering News interviewed Ned Gordon, VP of service line management at Thermo Fisher, who shared, “I can’t recall a time that was busier than it is now. It feels like we are doing 2 years’ worth of work in a single year.”

Looking Toward the Future

PWC predicts a continued influx of remote work positions, likely leading to an increase in investments in smart city initiatives and telecom. With so much still unknown about the virus and its long-term impacts on health, the economy, and businesses, it is crucial to prepare as much as possible, adapt, and scale up or down as necessary.

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