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Three Ways a Company’s Recruiting Efforts Can Backfire

There are a million ways to recruit for your business. So many, in fact, that it can make it challenging to determine what strategies for recruitment are working and which ones can backfire.

If you’ve had job posts up on recruitment sites and you can see they are not working, it may be time to consider what you’re doing that isn’t strategically effective. Shifting a recruitment strategy requires research and unique avenues. Talent is everywhere these days, and people will weed out whether the words on your recruitment page are true or full of fluffy intentions that haven’t come to fruition.TRC_SocialMedia_1@2x


Here are there ways your recruitment efforts can backfire:

1. Promoting diversity if there really isn’t any

Diversity and inclusion have become keywords for companies around the nation. While it’s easy to say that your company presents an inclusive environment, you have to be able to back that up with effort and reality.

Do you have a diverse staff? How does your company plan to become more inclusive? What efforts have already been made to assure employees that their experiences are valued by the company? These are all realities that companies must act on in order to put the words on paper and in recruitment materials. Otherwise, it will backfire, and current employees may even see and decide to post negative reviews or reality online.

2. Too many interviews

Everyone understands that companies have to do their due diligence on a candidate and make sure that their skills, history, and personality will work within the company itself. However, there’s a difference between interviewing a person with a couple of different people and having someone take out hours and hours of their life to complete assessments, interviews, and the likes.


Not only does it signify to a candidate that their time is not valued, but it immediately puts a negative feeling into mind when they constantly have to rearrange their schedule to account for more interviews and ‘free’ work. Be upfront from the beginning about how long the interview process will be and what will happen within it. Additionally, be aware of the interview assignments you give to candidates and ensure it will not take longer than a couple of hours maximum.

3. Hiring externally

Nothing will turn a current employee off more than when they are completely looked over for a job within their branch. In our current climate, employees are already looking for reasons to leave the companies they are currently at, and feeling slighted for a promotion or job raise due to an external candidate can be crippling to companies as a whole.

If you do intend to hire externally, be transparent with the employees before the listing goes up on a website and the employees find it themselves.

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