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How Should Companies Grapple With A Radically Changed Company Culture in 2022?

It’s the new era of company humanity as we head into 2022, and leadership everywhere is grappling with the evolution of culture in the workplace. With company culture shifting so dramatically due to the pandemic, and that evolution increasingly looking foreseeably stable, it’s wise for leaders to ask themselves how companies should move forward in the new year to adapt to new ways.

Company Culture has Radically Shifted

Every organization has its distinct corporate culture, which characterizes who they are and what they’re about as a company. It is made up of the values and ethics on which the company is built. A positive and thriving culture is likely to steer employees in the right way. However, if your business culture is not up to speed, it will affect the company in the long term as we continue battling the “Great Resignation.”


It is critical to include everybody in the company culture planning process, from senior management to middle managers. This will not only assist in bringing differing, diverse perspectives to the table, but it will also assist in developing an appropriate culture to go along with 2022.

Here are organizational culture trends that will be modified or enhanced in 2022:

Flexible Scheduling

Before the pandemic, flexibility was thought to be a benefit that most people didn’t get. It is now far more than that, and more employees are demanding it as a staple in order to stay. Ultimately, companies likely profit from this flexibility as well. Offering flexible scheduling has been proven to boost productivity while decreasing stress. Allow HR executives to be innovative in their strategy to flexible scheduling since this could help build the company brand.


Improved Workplace Safety

Workplace safety feels like one of those rules that used to only apply to industries like

 manufacturing and warehousing. However, with the pandemic, employers must have processes in place to ensure that their employees feel safe as well. Sanitation protocols and sick leave guidelines must continue to be established and thoughtfully communicated to employees.

Remote and Online Culture

A virtual environment is here to stay, and companies have to figure out how to keep corporate culture alive in this way. Leaders should make it a goal to design a strategy that focuses on maintaining worker engagement. You can often keep to your regular employee engagement methods in a virtual context. Organize networking events, online events, or team-building activities, and make sure to ask for feedback.

Mental Health and Wellness Benefits

Employees will continue to compare existing benefits to those offered by other employers, especially regarding mental healthcare and well-being. With increased mental health issues occurring worldwide due to the pandemic, this could be a significant differentiator in terms of maintaining a talented team.

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