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Call Center Trends for Spring 2021

When many companies went remote in 2020, consumers and businesses alike were forced to adapt to new environments and challenges. Consumers became worried throughout the year with everything from the state of their internet service provider to tracking their latest package.

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Call centers experienced a significant increase in volume and usage throughout the last year and into 2021 as consumers needed answers or, often, just another person on the line. As call centers have seen more frequent use, the same approaches used for years no longer cut it.

Whether you’re a center manager or just another concerned customer, here are the call center trends you need to know for 2021 and beyond.

Centers Staying Remote

Social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 protocols caused many call centers worldwide to shift from big offices to individual homes. Agents navigated the transition well, and as volume increased, productivity and response times improved as well.

The world operates digitally, and the need for large office spaces with computers and phone banks is no longer there. All the tools a call center agent needs to accomplish their work can be found in a laptop, headset, and basic communication screening software.

Call center managers will find themselves at a crossroads as many businesses begin returning to offices. Likely, more than a few businesses and call centers will decide to stay fully remote from here on out.

The Human Element

One of the biggest call center trends for 2021 is moving back to human call agents rather than automated response systems. 2020 proved challenging for everyone, and time after time, people quarantining or self-isolating had to deal with limited to no contact outside of close friends and family.

Call centers using human agents were a welcome experience for many expecting another automated machine. By having another person on the end of the line, the call center process felt, well, much more human! This simple addition of the human element made a big difference for many centers—and their customers calling in.

Human call center agents are a great way to ensure your callers have the best experience with an uptick in remote and hybrid call centers and full digital transformations. Expect more call centers to have human agents for the remainder of 2021 and the future.

Stronger Center Security

As more and more call centers embrace a hybrid or fully remote model, data and cybersecurity needs are at an all-time high. The risk of data breaches and cyber theft is serious, and call centers left vulnerable could face severe damage if their data is compromised.

Regardless of industry, all call centers should update and strengthen their digital security. From simple measures like VPNs and two-step identification processes, call centers can increase their security measures easily.

The investment in quality security is always worth it when the alternative is sacrificing your security, privacy, and even your business. Call centers need to ensure only their trusted employees have access to sensitive cloud storage systems and other data storage systems.

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