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Moving to Dallas? - How Can You Find a Great Job Here?

If you are heading to a new city, figuring out how to find a great job can seem like a challenge. After all, you aren’t familiar with Dallas and the surrounding area, so you might not know much about the local job market, companies, or industries. However, there are things you can do to find an excellent job in Dallas quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to get started.

Tap Your Network

Your network is a powerful resource when you want to find a new job, including if you are heading to a different city. Even if your direct connections are from your previous location, they may be connected with professionals in Dallas, allowing you to benefit from their network thanks to your contact serving as a shared connection.

Additionally, look for other networking options. For example, your alumni network might help you find out about other graduates who are in the Dallas metro area. Then, you can reach out thanks to your shared association with your school, request an informational interview, and build a rapport, expanding your network into your new city.

Update Your Address

Whether you’ve recently arrived in Dallas or are moving there soon, make sure to update your address on your resume and social media accounts. Many employers are hesitant to pursue out-of-town candidates because handling steps like interviews can be complex. By using a local address (or simply updating your city and state), you decrease your odds of being screened out.

Plus, recruiters who are searching for professionals for vacant positions in the Dallas metro area will start seeing your profile when they conduct searches. This increases your odds of being contacted, which might shorten your job search.

Just be prepared that, if you aren’t already in Dallas, you might have to arrange (and pay for) your own transportation to local interviews. While some employers have video conference options available, others require in-person meetings, and they probably won’t assist with that cost unless you were actively recruited. The same goes for relocation packages, as those aren’t usually offered unless you were being pursued by the company in the first place.

Connect with a Staffing Firm

Recruitment agencies are exceptional resources when you need to find a job in a new city. With a staffing firm, you get an ally that is well-connected in the local community and highly familiar with the area companies. Plus, they often know about exciting positions that aren’t publicly advertised or may be the sole hiring resource for certain businesses.

If you are moving to Dallas and looking for a job, the team at TRC Staffing Services can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable recruiters today and see how our services can making finding a position in Dallas as easy as possible.

Looking for a job in Dallas?

Ultimately, all of the tips above can help you find a great job in Dallas. If you want to partner with a staffing firm for your search, the staff at TRC Staffing Services wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with a member of our recruitment team today and see how our local knowledge can benefit you.

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