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Kicking Off a New Career Search in 2020?

For many professionals, 2020 is the year they want to find a new job. Whether their goal is to take a step forward or to send their career in an entirely different direction, it all usually centers on landing an exciting new position. 

The earlier part of the year is an excellent time to kick off a search. The number of opportunities rises in many industries, so you may be more likely to find a job that’s just right for you. 

However, you can’t rely on timing alone. You also need to put forth effort in the right areas. If you want to kick off a new career search in 2020, here are some tips that can get the ball rolling in the proper direction. 

New Year - New Career?

Focus on Networking 

While you should certainly take some time to make sure that your resume is up-to-date, it’s important not to get lost in that area early in your job search. After all, you’ll need to target your resume once you find a suitable opportunity, so you are going to be turning back to that document time and time again. 

Instead, it’s best to turn your attention to your network. Reach out to connections who might know about intriguing job openings, can offer you meaningful advice, and provide you with the necessary level of support. 

You’ll increase your odds of finding out about unadvertised opportunities or securing a referral. Plus, you’ll have allies that can help you during your journey. 

Block Out Time 

A job search can be a time-consuming process. However, it goes much faster if you give yourself time to focus. 

Set appointments in your calendar to secure time for your job search. During those windows, make sure that you eliminate distractions. Turn off any notifications and let your family and friends know that you aren’t available. Set aside any tasks that aren’t directly related to your career search, coming back to them once you are finished with your job-related activities. 

In cases where you simply must handle something else, find a new block of time and get it one your calendar right away. That way, you can keep making progress, even if something unexpected comes along. 

Target Your Job Search 

Most professionals know that customizing their resume based on the job is an essential part of success. But that isn’t the only area where you should focus your efforts. Targeting your career search is also crucial. 

By refining your search criteria, you can increase the relevancy of the results. You’ll spend more time reviewing roles with true potential and less time sifting through listings that aren’t a good match. 

Ideally, use a handful of keywords that align with your ideal position. Additionally, make sure to limit your results based on location, industry, or any other criterion that matters to you. That way, the listings you see are more likely to meet your needs, making your search more efficient. 

Moving into a new career?

If you’d like to learn more about handling a career search in 2020, the staff at TRC Staffing Services can help. Contact us today and see how our job hunt expertise can benefit you. 

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