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7 Benefits of Remote Call Centers

Customer service jobs, specifically call center roles, can be among the most challenging out there in terms of having to make unhappy people happier and solving issues the representatives frequently may not have control over. So, when it comes to finding employees or temporary staff who will likely stay with the organization longer, many companies see the benefits of call centers going primarily remote.


Here are Seven Benefits of Remote Call Centers: 

1. Less Overhead 

When call center staff works remotely, companies can save a significant amount of money by having smaller buildings and less overhead overall for utilities, insurance, and more.

2. Parking

When companies have a big campus, parking can be a headache. Having one division of the company work remotely significantly alleviates parking challenges.

3. Fewer People on Campus

Especially with COVID-19 and social distancing still being considerations for companies choosing to bring their workforce back full or part-time, having remote call center employees means fewer people need to be on-site, saving space for those who need it.

4. Talent Pool Expansion TTRC_7Benefits_SocialMedia_4@1.5x

If companies are traditionally hiring call center staff to be in their on-site center, they have a more limited geographical talent pool. Opening up remote positions enables them to hire from all over the country (and globally at times) and reach different markets.

5. Targeting Less Expensive Areas

In the same vein of hiring temporary staff or employees from anywhere, companies can also reduce costs by targeting less expensive areas of the country, potentially saving money on call center agents, especially if they are headquartered in a city with a higher cost of living.

6. Better Management

Many employees want to work remotely. Engagement can substantially increase when staff is given the opportunity to do so and have more flexibility in their roles.

7. Turnover Reduction TTRC_7Benefits_SocialMedia_5 copy 2@1.5x

Happier employees equal less turnover! When call center staff feels appreciated and heard and have the opportunity to work remotely, they are less likely to leave the company, saving companies from having to hire and train new people consistently.

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