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How to Smoothly Transition Your Remote Teams Back into The Office

We have extensively covered the effects of COVID-19 on the workplace and the workforce. From layoffs and budget cuts to employee mental health and navigating the virtual work environment, businesses and remote teams faced more challenges than ever in the past year.

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Fortunately, we are seeing strong signs of optimism across the board. According to NPR, as of April 21, 2021, more than 213 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the United States, with over 86.3 million people fully vaccinated, or 26% of the total population. Not only are vaccinations increasing every day, but recent U.S. job reports show a gain of nearly one million jobs in March 2021 alone, with more being added every day.

This optimism and hope for a return to normalcy leaves a few important questions for employers, businesses, and employees alike across the country. Namely, how to smoothly and safely transition remote teams back into the office.

Safety Must Remain the Priority

Across all industries, states, and businesses, the most imperative action over the next few months is keeping safety the main priority. While things are getting better, we must all do our part to see this through the finish line.

Work with your employees, encourage vaccinations, start allowing select times to be in the office, and continue following mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines. Choose one or two days a week to allow employees in the office and stage times to reduce the risk of overcrowding. Disinfect high-contact surfaces regularly, and of course, have any employees that feel sick or might have come in contact with someone sick stay home.

Be Flexible and Understanding

On top of safety, it is crucial to be flexible and understanding with your employees. Your employees are your most vital resource in business, and more importantly, they’re humans who traversed an incredibly challenging year. Let them know you care and recognize what they’ve been through, and work with them on a plan to return to the office.

All employees are different, and some will be ready to return to an office setting sooner than others. Work with those employees on the limited in-office schedule, and find the best days and times to let them in the office after following proper protocols.

For employees who would rather wait a bit longer to return, make sure they continue to have the resources they need to work remotely. If they would like to wait until full vaccination before returning, be flexible and plan their return together.

Continue Working with Remote Teams

For many businesses, there is the option to remain remote indefinitely or adopt a hybrid style of work. Many companies saw no difference or even increased productivity while working remotely, and removing the cost to lease an office can be a significant relief.

Whether your team would benefit from working fully remote, working both in the office and at home, or entirely in the office, the best thing to do is talk with your team and decide which option is best for them. By prioritizing safety and being flexible with your employees, you will reach the right decision and continue to benefit moving forward.

TRC Provides Essential Staffing Resources for All

No matter where you work, having the staff and resources for your business to succeed is crucial. From providing resources on how to onboard remote teams, hiring remotely, or working with your employees to transition back into the office, TRC Staffing can help you. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions.