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Five Essential Interview Questions to Ask IT Candidates

Finding the ideal candidate for your job position can be a lengthy and intensive process. Going through rounds of interviews and applications to find that perfect fit is certainly tough sledding. When interviewing candidates for a position in IT, the process can be even more challenging. You need to look for the right personality and culture fit for the office and ensure your new hire has the technical and professional skills to back up their resume.

Asking the Right Questions

Beyond the traditional interview questions that you would ask any candidate, there are field-specific questions to ask IT candidates to understand their knowledge, skills, and work experience in a more effective way. Asking the right questions can make all the difference in hiring the right person for the job.

When you are going through the IT candidate interview process, here are five essential questions to ask your potential employees to help fill out a clearer picture:

  1. How do you adapt to new software and technology needed in the field?TRC-31367 - March 2021 Pro - 5 Essential Interview Questions-2

    Technology and software change and evolve rapidly, and IT services are on the front lines of understanding and mastering those changes. This question allows you to understand better the candidates' knowledge of the field and versatility with different technology. Ask them to provide an example or two of new software they have had to learn and adapt to in their previous roles or how they stay on top of the latest technology releases. A strong candidate has a solid understanding of the trends in their field and how to solve new problems.

  2. Who do you work with or assist internally, and how do your actions support the overall business goals?

    An IT professional works with and assists fellow employees more often than external clients. This question allows you to determine how the candidate has worked with fellow employees in the past and helped on various tasks from simple tech support to more complicated IT projects. Understanding the role IT plays internally to reach business goals is a crucial component of the job.

  3. How do you explain complex IT problems to non-IT personnel?

    Effective communication can make or break a relationship between employees, superiors, and clients. Ensuring your candidate can communicate complex IT ideas to everyone else in an effective way is paramount. Employees need to understand the root of any technical issues, and clients should never be belittled or talked to condescendingly. A potential employee that has a firm grasp of these communication skills will do well in the position.

  4. What is an example of a project (or projects) you are most proud of, and how did you contribute to the project's success?

    This question is a great way to allow interview candidates to shine. Interviews can be daunting, and often a candidate does not get the opportunity to describe in-depth the projects they have worked on and feel are their highlights. This question not only allows the candidate to feel empowered in sharing some of their best work but offers you a better understanding of their technological capabilities and what the candidate can contribute to your company.

  5. A job-specific problem example to walk through and solve.

    While less of a question and more of an exercise, this portion of the interview can provide you with the most information to make the right hiring decision. By giving an example of a common problem related to your specific industry or workplace, the candidate can create a hypothetical solution overview for solving the issue. This exercise allows you to see how they solve real-time problems and provides a clear understanding of their capabilities as they relate to your position and work.


Helping Connect Top Professionals to the Right Positions

Keeping these questions in mind and using them during your IT interview process will help you find the ideal candidate in no time. TRC Staffing services works to create long-lasting relationships between top professionals and companies. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions.