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3 Ways B2B Marketing Has Changed Due to COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, it’s widely understood that the entire B2B marketing “playbook” of the past had to be thrown out and redeveloped on the fly. Rather than teams pondering for months to craft campaigns, companies everywhere are now launching in days or even hours to make sure they’re adapting to consumer trends and the current landscape.

B2B organizations and their leadership have to change the way they operate, period. They must change how they promote and market to how they maintain their consumer engagement, and so much more.TRC_3 Ways B2B_SocialMedia_1@1.5x

Here are three of the top B2B marketing trends during COVID-19 to incorporate into your business practices:

1. Authentic marketing is key

Companies need to show their human side and exhibit compassion. While it used to be debatable for companies to take stances on current events, that is no longer the case. Most companies are more or less forced to disclose their view in the current climate to allow other companies to align with others with similar viewpoints. Right now, one of the most efficient B2B channels for communicating company viewpoints is LinkedIn. It’s proving more effective and affordable than paid advertising or other traditional methods of marketing. The avenue builds direct relationships quickly and with greater ease than typically seen with other B2B marketing channels.

2. Digital Strategy & In-Person Events

B2B companies that once enjoyed traditional marketing avenues such as events and conferences are now shifting to a world that requires both a digital strategy and a slow re-entrance of B2B in-person events. Whether out of desire or necessity, the companies that have remained agile and diversified their marketing efforts have had arguably an easier time transitioning throughout the pandemic. B2B industries that leaned heavily on in-person events or engagements to speed up long sales cycles have now built the necessary capabilities to take advantage of digital markets.

3. Know your customer segmentTRC_3 Ways B2B_SocialMedia_3@1.5x

The pandemic has reinforced what we already knew: brands must communicate in locally-tailored and direct terms, targeting consumers based on what is most relevant to them. That means truly understanding the situation on the ground, country by country, state by state, zip code by zip code.

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